Hearthstone: First card buff for 5 years and a free Legendary

In recent years, Blizzard has always tried to regulate particularly strong Hearthstone covers by weakening their most important cards. In the next update, the spit will be turned over and all 18 cards will receive a permanent buff. In addition, each player receives a free, legendary card.

Those who still have not tried the successful solo mode The Big Coup and instead spend their time in competitive online duels in Hearthstone, are guaranteed to find one of the three decks that have dominated the game’s standard metagame for weeks: Tempo -Rogue , Bomb-Warrior and Control-Warrior . Since the rogue also dominates in wild mode, Blizzard has announced a few days ago, several Nerfs, which are primarily weaken exactly this class .

Hearthstone player

Hearthstone player

This step was not a big surprise for active Hearthstone player, finally Blizzard has already several times similar steps initiated to take the strongest decks of the game the wind out of the sails .

One day later, however , Blizzard surprised all players with another announcement : Whole 18 cards, two per class, will be permanently strengthened in the coming Update revenge of the ‘Mech .

The official statement states:

We are convinced that all selected maps can lead to exciting and interesting interactions. That’s why we believe that these changes will inspire you to come up with new ideas in deckbuilding .

We hope that we will see some of these changed cards more often until the next rotation, and that others will create completely new decks without affecting their respective class.

If the goal of balance changes is to respond to the meta, then the goal of the update is revenge of the ‘Mech to inspire you to new ideas.

Specifically, the team has picked out cards that are barely played, but have interesting effects. For example, the hunter’s map Nekromechanikerin causes the Rattle Death effect to be triggered twice . The effects of these cards remain untouched, instead the mana cost of all affected cards has been reduced by one .

A complete list of all affected cards can be found on the official website . The changes take effect with the ‘ Mechs’ Avenging Update , due to be released June 3, 2019.

Free Legendary for all players

Free Legendary for all players

The 18 buffs are not the only surprise that Blizzard has prepared. All players who log in between 3 June and 1 July 2019 will also receive the legendary gold card SCHN1PP-SCHN4PP free of charge .

The mech officially belongs to the extension Dr. Bumm’s secret laboratory , but is not available in the regular card packages in the in-game shop . If you missed the event but did not want to miss out on SCHN1PP-SCHN4PP, you can make the regular, non-gold version of the map for 1,600 Arcane dust .


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