Death Stranding: PS4-Exclusive gets info about Story, Gameplay and Release

The time of the cryptic Teaser is over! After we Hideo Kojima with his Tweets recently either deliberately confusing or tease us, we now finally know more about Death Stranding-at least a bit. But that’s something!

After long waiting for and puzzles about Death Stranding, the game today as part of a longer Twitch stream not only a Release date to part, but also first information about Death Stranding finally reach the public. In the new work of Hideo Kojima, you’ll take on the role of Sam Porter Bridges, who has no less task than to save humanity from extinction.

So you’re going through a devastated country threatened by the name-giving “Death Stranding”, and you have to reunite isolated cities and divided societies through “strands”. This is at least the first part of Kojima’s cryptic statement about “sticks and strings” which are so elementary for his new game. The second Element, the sticks, according to the Trailer are at least in parts the bulky weapons with which your opponents want to drive you into the narrow.

By the way: the last Teaser had already suggested it, now it was also confirmed: Death Stranding not only connects cities with cities, but also players with other players. Apparently, the new Kojima title also has a Multiplayer.

What happened so far

What happened so farĀ 

It all started with short Teaser Videos published via Twitter. If you expect anything about the plot or the concrete Gameplay in a new Teaser, the Material shown so far to Death Stranding probably overslept. This is why the Teaser is always cryptic and mysterious

Under the title “Create the rope” we see a few sequences through the outline of a Hand, accompanied by some ghostly music. This mysterious and hard-to-grasp moves through the entire “Marketing campaign” around Death Stranding.

The game is Kojima’s first title after the separation of Konami and the (Re-)starting his own company, Kojima Productions, and he obviously enjoys it very much, to lure us in with the little secrets and Details in the trailers. Even the Line-up of actors who will breathe life into the characters makes you feel like more. They include Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Lea Seydoux, Lindsay Wagner, Guillermo del Toro and Troy Baker.

In addition to the Teaser, we received a date from Kojima Productions on Twitter.

On the 28. “Tomorrow lies in your hands”. Now you can understand this as an indication that the Stream is actually on 29. It’s a great game, but I think it’s a good game.

Kojima definitely goes his own way as far as publishing information about Death Stranding is concerned. The players are more likely to fall in the dark, but somehow it is also quite exciting. What do you think Kojima wants to tell us with this new Teaser?

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