Dragon Quest Builders 2 analysis

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a construction game with RPG dyes in which you will have to forge your own world by killing enemies, fulfilling the demands of other characters to get recipes and create new objects with the tools you have collected by the scenarios. The biggest novelty of this delivery is given by the multiplayer, which allows to collaborate up to four online builders to shape whatever you want. But don’t worry, we still have an extensive campaign that will allow you to play solo for many hours and many playable novelties.

His story tells us about the evil Hargon

His story tells us about the evil HargonWhose goal is to make destruction reign by having his followers forbid construction, cooking and creation, locking the builders in order for their knowledge to fall into oblivion. When all seemed lost, a young apprentice appears in the place after having suffered trouble during a shipwreck. On the shore of this deserted island, he meets Malroth, a mysterious young man who suffers amnesia and is driven away by destruction. Now, both begin an adventure to end with the plans of Hargon as they regain the memory of Malroth, reconstructing a world to pieces to bring life back to the place with the deidárboles and the help of the inhabitants of the place.

This argument, within its simplicity, we liked, being all perfectly narrated, counting on charismatic characters and finding interesting twists that, it is true, we saw coming. He uses a lot of humor, which gives him that touch of sympathy that suits the game so well, but you will also find sad moments throughout the game. In addition, it is not necessary to have played the previous one by having a completely new story and characters. Also comment that all the texts of the game come to us in perfect so that you do not have problems in following the plot or understanding the functioning of the game.

As soon as we begin, it is time to personalize our hero / heroine, choosing his sex, hair color, skin and eyes, finally going on to put the name we want. They are too basic choices, but it is not something we attach importance to and just click it here it’s the best thing is that throughout the game you can get elements that change their appearance, as well as improve some of their features. Next to these options you will find many configurations to make the game fit your needs, being very complete in this regard.

Its mechanics may look similar to what was seen in the previous delivery, although more options have been added that generally make it much more satisfying. As always, we can move freely around your world, jump, destroy objects to get materials and Perle against all kinds of enemies. It is developed from a third-person perspective but, if you prefer, you can also play it from a first-person perspective that helps in the most closed places. Now we are always accompanied by Malroth, who helps us in fighting and collecting materials. It is very useful and makes us never feel alone despite being in remote areas. New options have also been added, such as swimming, diving, running or planning, which speed up the task of exploring the world. It is important to know that in a short time we get a bag that allows us to carry a multitude of objects at once to save us unnecessary trips, although, of course, direct access only allows to carry a limited number.

The enemies are always visible on the stage

The enemies are always visible on the stageThey start the fight as they approach. There are some peaceful ones who only react if we attack them, while others are really dangerous even in the distance. From time to time they try to attack the base, so do not forget to prepare a structure that prevents its entry and have a good group of well-equipped Warriors to give you a hand. These battles do not offer too much depth, although we have not been bored at any time.

By defeating them we receive experience with which both our protagonist and Malroth can rise in level, thereby improving their general statistics and building new battle tools on an yunke, be it weapons or other equipment. They also learn some new movement.

The recipes and plans are again of great importance and, in order to achieve them, you must comply with the demands of the locals. There are many of them, turning the rooms into one or another according to the elements they incorporate and their placement. To comply with these requirements and make them feel comfortable we receive hearts that gradually fill up a gauge which, when you get to a certain level, we can touch a bell to make the locals regain confidence in the builders, more characters will join our cause and learn to create new, useful, up to the village level. Everything is very important, since every character we recruit helps us with a task that saves us time and time to fight.

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