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Death Stranding: PS4-Exclusive gets info about Story, Gameplay and Release

The time of the cryptic Teaser is over! After we Hideo Kojima with his Tweets recently either deliberately confusing or tease us, we now finally know more about Death Stranding-at least a bit. But that’s something! After long waiting for and puzzles about Death Stranding, the game today as part of a longer Twitch stream …

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Neither Days Gone nor RDR2, the best detective mode is that of Secret of Evermore with his dog

I think there are two things we’re all pretty clear about. Considering that the AI that pretend to be human never goes well and tends to break the coherence of the game, the most credible enemies are the zombies and derivatives, while the best teammates are the perretes. I love Secret of Evermore It seems …

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Hearthstone: First card buff for 5 years and a free Legendary

In recent years, Blizzard has always tried to regulate particularly strong Hearthstone covers by weakening their most important cards. In the next update, the spit will be turned over and all 18 cards will receive a permanent buff. In addition, each player receives a free, legendary card. Those who still have not tried the successful …

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